Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The brain is the organ that contributed to the heavy metal detox program significantly.

When the brain gets in contact with heavy metals, it’s pretty debilitating.

See we are living, we can’t just flush heavy metals with heavy stuff without exposing the brain to a massive amount of heavy metals.

This is not pleasant. The Symptoms pool has a very large spectrum of undesired phenomena.  From movement disorders, to mental illnesses, to extreme irritability, slurred speech.

I commonly experienced dementia, rage, hallucinations, paranoia trying to detox those heavy metals.

I realized it’s not sufficient to use chelators. Without supporters and replenishers, it’s doing a lot of efforts and going through a lot of pain for nothing.

If you want to go to Hawaii, you buy a plane ticket…That’s the chelators. Now if you don’t go at the airport, well, your investments are wasted away. Same thing here.

If we didn’t have a brain, we wouldn’t have a personality…You don’t want to put your brain through many stress, because you become wondering about who you are…and that usually comes with a depression. You either know who you are or you don’t. Wondering, fantasizing,  about personality matters is not a wise thing to do unless you are with a guru or a life coach, at least some people to support you while you go about it. Having heavy metal poisoning is really having a bad trip about personality…Nobody can understand what you are going through and why you have all those questions…It’s because your neurons are touching some heavy metals. The resulting switching affects your thoughts and movements. You’d better not pay attention to your thoughts then…You are not your thoughts and those thoughts don’t have to be addressed or given any weight. They are just passing by thoughts… Let them go…you are just tripping.

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