Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thank you for willing dropping a line and be willing to share, I would encourage you to participate more globally as heavy metal poisoning detox is global – my aim is to help out everyone in heavy metal poisoning distress.

You can send me an email, although the best way is to write a blog post. Click here for the fastest way to write a blog post via instant registration and redirection.   

If you want to send a thank-you note, I love those,  and I’d like to bring to your awareness that actions speak better than words, consider a donation to show your gratitude.

If you want to send a hate note, go easy, I am sensitive. All your emails are read, although I am getting used to the mad-hatters way of expressing their frustrations – I remember, I was there.

Poor consciousness think in terms of ‘OR’ and rich consciousness in terms of ‘AND’. That’s right why make a choice when you can have it both.

You can be healthy and rich. So think big and send me a thank-you note AND a donation.


 For the fastest turnaround,  thoroughness and tuned response  from the Chlorellaman consciousness, the best way to contact me is to register and create a blog thread, or any sort of comment on existing article thread or blog thread. This way you get the most thorough and dedicated answer you may get.

I am doing this site for divine reasons. In the meantime, I get high spiritual rewards for doing this work with the highest integrity.

Sometimes my marketing techniques look like an infomercial or a pure scam. Well I am trying to be found by people who need me. The people who need me will recognize the essence behind the marketing look. It’s not easy to be found on the web… When I was sick I didn’t find anything so here there is a place and its purpose is to be found so it can support people with heavy metal poisoning detox. If you think it looks like a scam, drop me a line, create a blog post, tell me. I appreciate the feedback.

In short, when you contact me through registration via the web site, it reaches the community at large instantly. And so I am more apt to find time to get in touch with Chlorellaman. As I know, not only you get help, others as well will profit from your sharing.

This is what the Divine, where Chlorellaman comes from, wants. Helping as many people as possible, one at the time.

And so I execute humbly and gratefully. After all I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for healing, guided by divine aids.

Of course your information is not used, sold or redistributed other than for you to get the answer in your mailbox instead of having to check the site back for answers.

If you prefer, You can contact me by any of the following ways – chances of reply are reduced:

 Chlorellaman's YouTube:


 Chlorellaman's Blog:


 Chlorellaman on Twitter:


 Chlorellaman on Facebook:

Username: chlorellaman

If you have any questions regarding anything, comments, feedback. Please use any means above or send me an email – once again I prefer the blog post – Click here for instant registration and redirection.
I may take up to 6 business-days to tune-in and get back to you. Sometimes Chlorellaman doesn’t have answers for you…as some of you do not have serious heavy metal poisoning. Or you will is so affected that the person is beyond reach…and since I do not force people to detox, you have to commit and dedicate yourself to it – this is not for the sake of curiosity or for light detox that you would do as the care of the self. This is survival level detox for people who are passed hope and fooling around and want results to have a life again.





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Chlorellaman is NOT a doctor. The information provided on this site is intended to share my own personal experience of how I recovered from metal toxicity poisoning.  It is intended to help people who have had similar experiences such as myself, find the information they need.  It is NOT intended to substitute for informed medical advice. Medical professionals (such as doctors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists/chemists...) have studied how to solve such problems. This information cannot replace the advice of a medical professional.

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