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Here are the all important supplements that will take your detox to the long run... the only way to detox successfully. They  prepare your body to regain strength for another round of chelation:




The Replenishers (i.e. Step #3 of  the 3-step detox system

Vitamin C, Ds, A, Bs, E, Zinc.

Hyperbaric Oxygen 
Good energy booster. Also seems to have a chelator's character. As the oxygen oxydes heavy metals and neutralize them. Before going in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or tank, use the exfoliating bath glove technique described in the "Supporters" section, in the "Saunas" area. 

Good energy booster. Facilitate absorbtion generation and processing of our vital organs (Liver, Heart, Skin, Bille, Brain, Lung, Liver). Terrains help the heavy metal to not clog those organs as they contribute to the filtration of your blood. See the supplements for more information.

Hydrogen Peroxyde
Before lunch, in a glass (non-plastic), a couple of drops of medical grade peroxyde in filtered water. This compound of oxygen (O2) oxydes the heavy metal so they are neutralized and evacuated. Watch out when using Hydrogen Peroxyde. Medical grade is extremely concentrated, you need to buy a dropper. 

Personally it made me sick the first time and I didn't try it again. It's a compoud of oxygen (O3), since oxygen oxydes heavy metal, it's breaking down the toxicity out of you. Try a lot less than it says on the labels so it may work for you.




Regarding the quantity of supplements to absorb check out the following page: Quantities.  
Then carry on your detox going back to step #1, in accordance with the 3-step detox system

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