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Now we have another version of Chlorellaman in the works.
The previous version, still accessible here. Built in the mist of my health crisis, was getting old and in order to keep up with the interactivity of the web...I pulled the switch.
Chlorellaman was born out of misery and distress. A personal entity bigger than myself.
Chlorellaman had the answers to my questions. Chlorellaman was filling me with hope.
At the time of severe movement disorders and mental blackout, I wanted to survive.
So when I had a moment of relative clarity or lucidity I put the stuff online. For me.
So if I ended up homeless and herring in the street with a clothes on belonging to the salvation army, I still could find the information on the web.
At the time I started all this, there were no information out there. Nothing, Nada. Just a very few allusions here and there about certain things.
So I created what I wanted to see. Not me, Chlorellaman.Light bulb
Chlorellaman is still here and will always be here whether the site is up or down.
Doctors couldn't help me. Telling them I had heavy metal poisoning was like telling them how to do their job. They responded ...No something is wrong with the way you think, I'll refer you to a psychiatrist.Confused
The psychiatrist to my saying of " I  have heavy metal poisoning" was: "Oh you have movement disorders, I'll recommend you to a neurologist"
My neurologist: Oh, you are depressed, I'll recommend your doctor prescribe you some anti-depressants ...Lexapro, and oh you seem to have ADD you can't focus, maybe some Adheral.
After ending up a few times a week in emergency rooms for Lexapro side effects... After checking myself in in a Psych ward to detox myself of Adheral.
I realized the chemical drugs are meant to work in a certain chemical environment. A human body with heavy metal poisoning is not a standard chemical environment for a medical drug.
You don't know how the drug is going to react, already the meat and veggies you eat are going to react differently.Pizza
Well doctors don't have the experience of that.
Sorry guys I can read my lifetime about pregnancy, I will never have the experience of it. I can imagine it but what is it compared to having the experience of it.
Where is the pain?Crying
Well the pain is what I get when I read the new miracle solution by Dr XYZ.
Oh my Lord that's where they are. at the beginning of the tunnel I wonder if they even see the light from there. They might! that's why they wrote a book.
Well I am now talking from the light, and I have been in it for a few years now.
Oh God, it's nicer than it has ever been.
I feel better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow, pretty much everyday.
Well...in average, I still get a down here and there when my heart breaks. But that's not heavy metal poisoning, that's love. It's great to have them, because love has been back within me and I now can feel it better than ever before.
Struggling with heavy metal poisoning, I couldn't. Those metals were really burying any glimpse of love deep inside to the point I could not imagine I still had some. I could conceptualize it was in there but in no way feel it or know how to get there. I was lost and didn't know it.
So Chlorellaman showed me the way... Chlorellaman is still present and active, so I will channel it for you.
Whether you are a patient, a relative or a friend of someone with heavy metal poisoning. Chlorellaman will personally help you. His only goal is to support you.
Doctors, keep putting what you find here in your new book, find a scientific explanation for it and sell it for a marketable dollar amount. I encourage you, they are people out there that put their health in your hands, in your power.
I reowned my power. My health is my responsibility and it's not because you have a degree that you know. Chlorellaman taught me that. Some may need to take you off the pedestal they put you on.
Sure you try to help. Like the best friend discouraging from doing your heart's desires: great intentions, ignorant on how to support.
Doctor, are backed up by the FDA. I am backed up by God.Star 
God knows the cure for cancer. What would the FDA do if the cure for cancer was eating Chlorella? Ok be honest, don't play the fool and post your answer somewhere... Wait, you don't want to loose your diploma that you are indebted with. I understand - I'll probably would do the same thing - That's why I was chosen to represent Chlorellaman... I don't have anything to loose and I want to keep it that way.
We are human and there is power that comes with it. I learned that power that needs to be maintained by force is already lost.
If you want to heal, follow super human power within each and anyone of us: healing.
Nothing to protect, to compensate of fix, just there waiting to be called.
Ladies and Gentleman : Chlorellaman....Martini Glass
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Not a problem, follow the heavy metal detox diet( below)
Heavy metal poisoning is not a problem. Not even for traditional western medicine since they don't recognize it as an ailment. I was classified as having a psychosomatic problem by my recently assigned psychiatric. I was diagnosed as having my lower back out of place by my recently introduced chiropractor, I was diagnosed as having some severe depression by my nurse practitioner and I was diagnosed as having a rare, very rare condition, by my flock of neurologists. I got into all kind of machines, PET Scan, Cat Scan, my insurance company paid the bill, the state paid the bill. With all my gratitude I must add they must be better off than recognizing that with the industrial revolution came some massive heavy metal poisoning issues

[mercury, lead, cadmium were used in manufacturing of hats (Mad Hatters), electronics, pharmaceutical drugs]

it would cost those institutions a lot more money in life insurance claims and probably would change the economy as we know it, to simply acknowledge it. Remember we have very powerful lawyers who put a cost on Truth, most of the time it's great, sometimes it slows things down
With Mercury and Lead Symptoms, I got to the point that what I really wanted is information, so I can walk again without a cane, run Forest run!
While Doctors are educated to give prescriptions drugs more than likely until we pass over for the sake of profit or ignorance, I educated myself how to heal... Let's them search and research while we detox will you? 

How to detox heavy metals poisoning?
Patiently but surely. In 18 months+ of sickness I developed my own personal heavy metal detox diet. You need to follow those steps or else you will get worse.


Why? The plan is to get Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Berylium, Antimony, Bismuth, Nickel, Platinum, Thallium, Thorium, Tin, Tungsten, Uranium out of your system! Not from one organ of yours to another and all over again. Just out the heavy metals! And free information please.... 

The heavy metal detox diet
Simple and specific. You are going to need some discipline. Timing and perseverance in execution are key. If you thought of getting a shot and be cured...I am keeping my eyes open for that one. It's not going to cost you a lot, when it costs a lot it doesn't work, you are just being Forest Gump again with leg braces when you don't need that. In YouTube I have videos where you can detox with things you buy at Walmart. Can you beat that? My breath therapist says I just need to abdominal breathe free air. I agree but I am out of breath now, I need to get stronger before I can get my breath going jumping 30 times a minute. In the meantime take your fist steps toward healing, take a deep breath, think of Go, let's god: 

Help, I need assistance and support...  Get the heavy metal detox diet!

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Chlorellaman is NOT a doctor. The information provided on this site is intended to share my own personal experience of how I recovered from metal toxicity poisoning.  It is intended to help people who have had similar experiences such as myself, find the information they need.  It is NOT intended to substitute for informed medical advice. Medical professionals (such as doctors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists/chemists...) have studied how to solve such problems. This information cannot replace the advice of a medical professional.

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