Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Note: For lead and mercury, see their respective pages, since they are more specifically chelated, by Chlorella, Cilantro, and EDTA.

Dear ones, if you wonder how to chelate your body from arsenic, strontium, barium or aluminum. In other words heavy metals. I have one answer, amino acids.

Amino acids are the only safe way to flush heavy metals out of a human body.

There are a large variety of them, all with their own qualities. Make a cocktail that will fit you best based on your age, fatigue and symptoms.

Here are a few ones that really helped me:

  • Niacin
  • Taurine
  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium

For an extensive list of amino acids for your detox, check the supplements.

My 2 cents on the following aminos, as there is a lot of very promising info out there on the WWW that doesn’t workDont tell anyone. Except I must give them that, it’s worth all its money if it gives you hope. If you are in the beginning of your detox, hope will work and give you some joy and enthusiasm, if you have already started your detox a while back you are probably aware that you don’t want hope any more, you want results. So here are the things that don’t work for detox, except for the stimulating effect you would of a hammer hitting your pinkie. That’s no detox and regained energy, that’s adrenaline. I am not into giving you results that give you false sense of improvement. I am into real improvements that will carry you to the grave at old age, with plenty of sweet memories and no regrets. Because the hammer/pain effect will wear off, such as would placebo effects, and other things that will make you feel better… like hope… I remember in the midst of my detox I hated hope…after all it comes out of darkness and I wanted something that came out of brightness….So ladies and gentlemen…the long awaited 2-cents that don’t work.

  • CoQ10 ( very expensive, not prone to the large quantity required by an emergency detox.)
  • White Tea ( although rich in amino acids, I wouldn’t recommend white tea only as your source of aminos – although I want to stress that warm water has great cleansing virtues if you are well, for detox it’s too mild alone.)

For a longer list of things that don’t work, google “detox heavy metals” Open-mouthed

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