Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It’s hard to fix teeth. Whether it’s a filling or a crown, it need to bond and bond hard in the mouth.

Mercury provides the necessary adhesion but unfortunately it is toxic and that’s just the beginning.

The inside of the mouth cavity, I am not a doctor, but still I happen to know it’s a very privileged place:

  • Nerves in the mouth are extremely sensitive, as they connect directly to the central system of the brain. Making pain in that area excruciating.

Interesting, but that’s not what is important instead:

  • Blood arteries of the mouth go directly to the brain.

So when you have toxic heavy metals fillings. It’s like you are constantly and steadily poisoning your nervous system right at the source.

When I got to the dentist in Massachusetts in my little town of Springfield. I told my dentist I had heavy metal poisoning in the past and wanted to make sure he doesn’t use silver fillings.

He didn’t know anything about heavy metal poisoning. His response was that if it was dangerous the ADA ( American Dental Association) would not approve it.

So here you know, if you want to take care of your health concern, don’t ask your healthcare provider, contact directly their medical associations. Because what the majority mostly care about, even before their patient’s health is: Don’t play with my license to practice, and as long as I don’t break my associations rules, I’ll be fine.

Lately the ADA gave an alternative to silver fillings with formaldehyde which is more toxic than mercury.  I found out about formaldehyde as I was in Florida during hurricane Katrina and the Fema got in trouble for providing toxic trailers (Ref. Fema).

The bottom line is not that the ADA is necessarily trying to poison the population more than bonding crowns, caps and dental fillings . But here is my point. I used to be an anarchist as a teen. I still have long hair to prove it. And I’ll tell you that much. When I have an autistic episode, I can tell you that I can’t break a rule if my life depended on it. The other day I took the plane and most people had their devices turned back on while the pilot and hostess didn’t authorize it yet.

My periodic autism prove that I rely on rituals and rules to function. Certainly it’s more easy to control a society of autistics than of anarchists.

Anyway, ADA and other healthcare associations, I agree you should make money but whether it should be to the cost of your integrity is the problem all humans face in the place of power.

Because after all these warnings about silver fillings will bring you more clients. That will pay you again ( or their insurances) to replace their silver fillings with formaldehyde. And in a few years they will come back to have their formaldehyde fillings replaced with whatever other toxic dental bonding is in place, because I am confident if you had a safe filling available and as strong and cheap to manufacture, you would use it instead.

As for me, it took me years to figure out to get rid of heavy metals. I even wrote a book about it. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

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