Autism, Autistic Traits
Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Well autism is almost a buzz word and a sensitive subject. I will hereby refer to autistic people and normal people – to distinguish normal people as non-autistic people.

If you have a better idea, drop a comment.

The reason I made a page about Autism in my heavy metal poisoning detox site, is NOT because it’s usually accepted to link it  with heavy metal poisoning. But because it’s interesting that I get comments on my youtube videos that I don’t have heavy metal poisoning but autism.

Now how is this possible I became autistic? First of all I am not a big fan of the autistic buzz:  They only target children. So what about us, adults, who all of a sudden show some traits of autism? we are wasted?

HERE YOU HAVE IT, autistic adults find some help here at Chlorellaman’s heavy metal detox site.

Because if I am going to be labeled autistic by some folks, I have to accept it. They must know what they are talking about. They must work or live with some autistic folks.

My only knowledge of autism before I got heavy metal poisoning was the movie Rainman. Most autistic people are not like him – I personally went to Vegas and lost my clothes.

The solution, good thing, problem is that those autistic symptoms REMAIN after a complete detox of heavy metal poisoning.

So for example, in my last tests I was free of heavy metal poisoning. That’s good news. So WHY do I still have strong episodes of autistic behaviors. Why do I satiate picks of anxiety under tons of blankets (weighed clothing helps autistic persons and overall relieves anxiety in ).

So I am now free of heavy metals but I am autistic. OK.

Chlorellaman please help me. Again.

Information I experienced:

These autistic traits come from a feeling. This feeling is that we are disconnected from our body. We get in a region of the mind where the emotions of the body become foreign and the signal is weak if not inexistent. Sometimes when I feel like I have autistic traits, I get anxious to finally realize I have to go to the bathroom or I am too cold or too hot.



We adults have a strong advantage above autistic children – God bless them all and their parents -  So what do I do to get back in my body?:




Because we know what it feels to be here 100% the way the majority of people are. ( well you know what I mean).

So if we forget, pray, remember how we felt. We can suggest ourselves to get there again.

So when I feel autistic, I realize for example that I am not in my body. What is the greatest gift to get in our bodies? ADRENALINE.


How do I get adrenaline when all of a sudden I get autistic at work? I punch my leg over and over until my body stops hitting. Not me. My BODY. because the adrenaline rush got me to realize that I now HURT.

I hurt, but in some ways I feel better because I can keep working. instead of the dream state I call autistic trait.

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