Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Depression is one of the things that hammer you down morally and physically.

I can’t possibly make a site about heavy metal poisoning detox without addressing the abominating, mindboggling, heavy-handed, right in the forehead, touchable, horrible, spiritless, debilitating,  depression.

Yes but it’s good.

Because it can’t last forever. It’s a choice to some extent. Unfortunately you won’t see  your choice without help.

The help you need is the help of safety.

How do you get safety. Well inside yourself.

Where is it, it’s just past the fear. This terrifying fear that hides your confidence, your safety and your sanity.

Well it’s an irrational fear but that doesn’t make it less real. It actually makes it more powerful; like a fear which is not of this world.

Should you let this fear stop you? This is a stupid question since it stops you.

How do you TRANSCEND the fear?

Well free form writing helps.  You write and you write until you get something written. Then when you start writing and writing and writing and writing. Just write ?  what’s in your mind.

What is in my mind? you may ask.

JUST WRITE THIS: “What is in my mind” Then!

Now when you got the momentum going writing what’s in your mind. Redirect towards addressing the fear.

Why am I so scared? I am not confident, I feel like shit, My shoes stink. I am shaky, I  am depressed, I want to kill myself, someone, G*d……JUST SPIT IT OUT.

Then what? then you keep going at it until you release all this BS energy called depression. You handle it. You are taking control of your depression. Once you start laughing you may stop.

Did you laugh yet? no. Did I laugh, no.

So keep going and don’t force it. Forcing don’t do it. Releasing don’t do it. Doing it do it.

Keep writing like I do right now. Don’t romance, don’t intellectualize the form. IT’S FREE FORM WRITING. THERE IS NO FORM.

Forget the ortograf, forget the nonsense, forget the sense. let go.



It’s getting funnier.


I have 2 words for you: PSYCHO THERAPIST.

I need one. Ok. So I also need a shower and a million bucks. Who cares?

I don’t have time for Psycho the rapist. I need to get out of my… My ..oh yeah the subject of that page.

So there is the point I wanted to make:  Depression is necessary to happiness. There is nothing in this world that is not black or white, light and shadow, you don’t have depression without happiness so get off your self-centered egoistical world and keep moving.

That’s when you stagnate you sink your ship into depression. Free form writing is a free form of moving energy and it works. IF YOU USE IT.


Love, hell-o, etc…



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