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When you have heavy metal poisoning, you can experience a form of low sex drive or impotence for all practical purposes.

Not that an erection is not possible but it’s difficult to get there or to maintain.

This is because of the nature of heavy metal poisoning. It ‘clogs’ all filtering organs ( liver, kidneys, …) with heavy metals. So the body doesn’t have the ability to balance its chemistry and ends up with excess of nutrients, especially metals, such as zinc and copper.

Zinc and copper excess/toxicity is directly linked with issues of impotence and low sex-drive.




Zinc is essentially a heavy metal. Although it’s not usually known since its accepted as an essential nutrient such as copper and iron.


Copper in many research is linked with mental issues such as  schizophrenia and paranoia. Episodes I easily remember experiencing to the extreme – to the full extent of it.

I remember going and give blood at the red cross or other blood donation center. I immediately felt better but it doesn’t last very long. Since the excess of irons, zinc and copper whether the body can’t eliminate them or won’t is a question I am not interested in spending time finding the answer, but if you do, please write a comment.

It’s possible the body keeps all this iron, copper and zinc, because it needs it to balance all the heavy metals. And unfortunately it’s causing more symptoms, low sex-drive, dementia, schizophrenia, paranoia, agoraphobia, multiple personality disorders, asperger disorder and other autistic spectrum ailments such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar, etc…

It’s interesting I experienced all conditions of the autistic spectrum (Ref. DSM IV).


I remember experiencing the above mental issues above. But a mental issue is one thing. You can reason yourself and prevent it as I said with blood donations or lactoferrin ( iron chelator). So you tell yourself okay I am very reactive right now, I will choose, decide to not take such and such actions because my sensors are off. I must confess that at the pick of a schizophrenic episode, you can’t do much but stay safe at home and that’s it.


BUT WHEN IT COMES TO SEX!!! You can’t adjust, reason, accommodate, adjust, compensate : You got it or you don’t got it.

And if you date, the person will ‘feel’ that you don’t find the person attractive.

Unfortunately, yes, I found the person attractive – but I had no more energetical change in my being showing attraction. I just showed and actually felt myself as merely friendly. A friend. Like I wanted to be friend only.


So how do you balance excesses of zinc, iron and copper?

Chelations! same way as with heavy metals. EDTA and DMSA help tremendously. You can add lactoferrin for iron chelation.


How long would it take until you get your sex drive back?

I don’t know. Stamina is a factor of physical exercise, cardio and happiness. If you are depressed, it won’t help. So take some Phenylalanine – any mood booster will do – that one is nice since it’s an amino acid, it also contributes to the release of heavy metals.

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