Saturday, August 24, 2019

In my experience, heavy metal poisoning left me with poor working memory, especially working memory followed by long term memory.

Short term memory, in the other hand is quite accentuated. Making it harder to forgive or let go of everyday incidents or hurt feelings.

It may be due because of hypersensitivity very common to heavy metal poisoned individuals.

Working memory is the memory we use to do anything, to function in everyday life.

I remember having owing my productivity to the copy-paste functionality as I couldn’t remember phone numbers long enough to write them in say, an email.

Dyslexia is another of these symptoms, that all belong to the autistic spectrum, as stated in DMS IV, that includes ADD, ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia and Paranoia such as agoraphobia.

How can you have decent memory when laden by anxiety, writhed by concerns, incertitude and  poor confidence? It just makes it worse. But that’s not what causes poor memory. What causes it is heavy metal poisoning and the persistent effects it has on reaching an alternate state of consciousness.

You will be changed, transformed, and you can’t go back where you were. Do not think you will be back to who you were. You will be different. It’s just poor thinking that makes you think that way. You will be different, it’s up to you to make it for the better overall. As some things may never be as good as they were.

I’ll tell you how to increase my memory sharpness. Adrenaline rush:

  • I can punch myself in the leg until it hurts
  • I can drink alcohol
  • I can eat chocolate
  • coffee in beverage or as an enema
  • Think or better, look at a sexy someone

Anything that  gets your blood going… find it for yourself. Please share with a comment.

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