Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I don’t know about you. But I grew up considering the skin as a tough flesh which purpose is to protect the bare flesh to be exposed.

However, during my heavy metal poisoning thickness, I realized:


  1. It’s an organ. I previously thought organs were inside the body, like the heart, the lungs, the liver.
  2. It’s the largest organ of the body. Right, in terms of surface yes it covers the whole body.
  3. It’s a cleansing organ. Everything you don’t need it will sweat it off. Like when you have a fever. It is by design a great tool to detox.
  4. It’s responsible for cleansing things that the other organs can’t handle. I remember when I eat too much, I sweat. Because the liver and other digestive organs are overwhelmed, the skin acts as a heat dissipater and filters things the liver is saturated with. It is subsequently the last resort in a heavy metal poisoned environment. When the liver is congested with heavy metals, like a dirty filter, the skin takes over. In essence all organs are cleansing organs ( Brain, heart, lungs, intestines, bile, pancreas, thymus, adrenals). If they are not supported by dietary supplements, chelating efforts will be in vain, as the unwanted metals will navigate from one organ to the next creating all kind of dis-eases and symptoms. From incomplete digestion and parasite infestation (intestines), to headaches and depression (brain), loss of appetite ( liver), mood swings ( pancreas, thyroid).


This is essential in Chlorellaman’s heavy metal poisoning detox system. The 3 steps to detox. With more information available in Chlorellaman’s book, “heavy metal poisoning detox, right away!©”


And remember to eat some extra salt, with iodine if you can...personally I preferred eating more chips. Whatever works, increase your salt intake when doing saunas.

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