You know those pretty chem trails. They contain Barium, as part of federal governmental programs to control the weather or map the ground in 3D from satellite. Whatever the demand, barium is extremely toxic.
To get rid of barium poisoning and heal, follow the program and focus on amino acids supplements as chelators.

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That's it?
In a nutshell yes.

First of all if you can read more, then you are not doing that bad.
So for the lightly heavy metal poisoned or the hardly heavy metal poisoned that has been following chlorellaman's heavy metal poisoning detox diet and communicating by email with me, here is what you need to do in a bombshell.

Now forget about your personal agenda. You have to follow the detox agenda. Which is your personal body care agenda. Your body will tell you something, so be open. it will tell you no detox today. It will tell you I feel strenghth today, so when you feel strong, do the detox. You need to be responsible and do the detox when you can. Now if you go play golf every time you feel good and the day after you feel so lousy you can't step out of bed. Then it's not a good day any more to detox. You can start the detox and then go on a golf course. That's fine and recommended. That you follow the program and gets going with an activity of some kind.

1)Do a stomach cleanse. Yes, a stomach cleanse as a one time deal, as most heavy metals are stored and stuck in your bowels. Most of them can be done in a week to 3 weeks.

2)Every other day excluding breaks: Stirring/Supporting
Take amino acids sub lingually. Make sure it melts, let it sit in your mouth like a mouth wash except you avoid your teeth when its too acid, and you swallow it in the end. Depending on the amino, it's more or less acid. If your supplements come in caps, open them up and trash the gelatin container. If it's in bulk, better as you need more than what they give you in caps to detox in a reasonable amount of time.
So try dipping your finger in it and taste it. If it's too acid then dilute in water. You don't want to get blisters or be too hard on your teeth.
Amino acids to stir Barium out of your cells.
If you get diarrhea or a squishy stomach, you took too much.
Remember that detox is a process, not an event.
I hear people say you start with lower doses and then increases. That's wrong.
You start with lower dose, like 50 mg. Then the day after you take the same dose and so on for 3-4 days. See you might be fine with your 50 mg the first day and on the 4th day you might be all stomach sick because it's a process, not an event.
So if you have been good for 4 days, you can take a break if you want, or go with 75mg for 4 days. If you get squishy stomach, then take a break and start again at 50 mg. That might be your limit. Otherwise keep incrementing the dose until you know how much you can take, it depends on the individual, his age, his/her level of toxicity, where he lives, what culture he/she is from and what zodiac sign and sensitivity he/she got.

3)2.5 hours later: Chelating/Bonding
Take DMSA to bond the freed Barium. Well same thing you put DMSA sub lingually. for the same reason as not above, so the stomach barrier and different acidity do not interfere with the absorbtion of the acidity of your thing.

4)2.5 hours later: Flushing/Supporting
Take Vitamin C to flush it out.
Watch that it's not too late in the day, it would keep you awake.

5)Next day, Replenishing.
You take multivitamins. No stirring or chelation or bonding today.
Take multivitamin to rebuild your energetical resources.

If you have qustions or comment you find me. If you need to find bulk amino acids, contact me for coupons.


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