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How did a man afflicted by heavy metal poisoning, switch from a dramatic condition,
to an active joyful life in 21 days!

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Author of Heavy Metal Poisoning Detox, Right Away!

Chlorellaman, Inspiring, radiant health show off, author and a one time heavy metal afflicted, sick,
 ill conditioned
with no life...

The picture to the right
demonstrates the
massive transformation.
The depth
of my health change gave
me the incentive and confidence to completely change
everything about me.

Oops...this is Brandy...
read how we met below. :)

We met at the regained joyful livelyhood. This dude knew what I had been through with my heavy metal condition. It's time for play and fun again yeah! Life is so enjoyable when healthy! My bud was surprised I had jumped that high and he couldn't...But I was ready to encourage him, even give him a paw:
"If I could do it, you can do it!"
I wish someone had done that for me then. Everyone deserves a hand.

Not even 3 months ago, I was a weak depressed shaky young man and a pathetical ability to do or feel with stability.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Sick
Chlorellaman 2007
Mercury, Lead and Arsenic are taking my life away.

My sudden transformation is due entirely to the new found confidence I discovered, when I got my heavy metal detox program down.

Since I discovered how to control the poisoned environment in my body, I have literally had complete power over how I live. This power has manifested beyond just how I am. I suddenly felt the need to dress better, take care of my body and a whole bunch of stuff has changed, to reflect this new mastery over my metal-free health.

The bottom line, is anyone can have a deep, dynamic, powerful health. We are not equal against heavy metal poisoning, it's not genetics, it's our conditioning. The way we relate to the illness has tremendous emotional hold on us, that provokes a negative psychosomatic response.

There are simple things anybody can do to get a consistent, reliable, "on tap" health, WHILE YOU DETOX HEAVY METALS!

I can, and have, shown thousands of people how to live much healthier than before they started being sick, most more prosperous than they ever were!

It's all about the attitude!!! It comes with knowledge!

Talk about fast confidence...a quality program to your heavy metal symptom-free health, fulfilled, inspired and powerful, you can rely on it every waking moment. The trust you receive from yourself, the looks you get from others radiating an excellent health. The credibility people ascribe to you, at job interviews or business appointments. You can literally write your own check, when others see you enjoying life to its fullest. It doesn't matter what skills you have, they want to be around you! People are just attracted to a spectacular health.

From the Desk of Chlorellaman
10:31 AM Chandler, AZ USA

I know you may have noticed the state of your health, fatigued, not present, cranky.

You might know already that you have heavy metal poisoning. It's the less advertised disease of the 21st century. It affects pretty much anyone and it only becomes a problem when depression or fatigue kicks in.

Mercury, Lead, Mercury and other heavy metals are not meant to be in high quantity in us. There is so much of them we can tolerate

You may have caught yourself trying to do something, wow, was that me? What must they think??? I know I have. It was sheer unempowerment. At times you forget about it and just ignore your own strange condition, but...

here's the thing...

People treat you differently when your health is consistently, loving, inspired and motivated. You could tell them you are fine and you would still get a different response than you would if your emotions, vital energy and spirit were weak, hopeless, discouraged and tired.

Even friends treat you differently when your health is poor. You could pretend you are fine and you would still get this pityful attitude of theirs toward you, that wouldn't happen if your emotions, vital energy and spirit were upbeat, radiant, on purpose and joyful.

Believe me....I know.

I spent the last 2.5 years of my life as a
depressed, lifeless, irritated, anxious young man with movement disorders.

It took me about a year to be with heavy metal poisoning diagnosed by a professional!

The other day, I was told by a girl that she considers me to be one of the healthiest guys she ever met.

Am I up all the time? Far from it. But when I am down, I am healthy down. I know my qualities of health. You can infect people with a kind of permanent and sincere recognition that you have a healthy lifestyle. It's  hard wired into our brains!

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"Heavy Metal Detox- Right Away!

because I know where you're at, man. I know what this is about. I understand the dynamic completely.
Having a chicken-duck health sucks. You know on some level, despite your willingness and cool demeanor, people are subconsciously turned off by your illness.

Lets keep it real...

You tell your friends "I am tired" or "I heavy metal poisoning", it tells them subconsciously "I can't handle much, manage me easy".

Oh, they still like you, but no way they really want to play fully, with a sick guy that is sending a body language message "don't, I can't handle it". Why? Because they don't trust that type of emotional message man...plain and simple....they distrust you on some subconscious level. What kind of power game is he playing? I guarantee you that.

It's not that they don't care how you feel, it's that they can't trust a guy that is not re-assuringly healthy and sturdy. You can't blame others, this is not a conscious decision on their part, but it's there and you know it's there. They treat you like a child.
You lack the presence that says....this guy is powerful.

Taming the mice

When the mice think they can steal the cheese, they just do.

If your emotional language is wussy and weak, you can bet, whenever you turn your back those mice are going to be stealing all the cheese they can get.

They dont fear you and therefore, they don't respect you, therefore, you notice a definite and constant disloyalty. People YOU THINK are your friends play little games with you.

That awe you lost, that made you awesome. You can't pretend it, you need the true health back, so you can show up to any relationship.

People YOU THINK are on your side...really aren't and they prove it in subtle and chicken sh*t ways which you can't really pin them down on because you would look like an idiot getting mad at such minor things, but nevertheless, they are stealing all the cheese they can get, whenever you turn your back!
They take every bit of power you still have.

You have valid points, great ideas but nobody listens to you as nobody listens to the drunk regardless of the truth he speaks. They ridicule you, judge you , label you as a martyr. Eventually they don't want to be around you no more.

They will ride your friendship and play off it for their own social agenda. This isn't about social politics. This isn't about popularity. This is about an inbred genetic disposition all humans and animals have about how the other guy presents himself. There is a natural social subconscious inclination to toy with a feeble creature.

To play with them, to gain an advantage over them.

"They want to prove to the world, what your ill condition is already telling them about you. They have a need to humiliate you in subtle ways, to punnish you, equal to the quality they perceive your sickness to be!"

they are stealing all the cheese they
can get, whenever you turn your back!

It's true...you know it is...

This program will change your health in days.
But change your future forever...

I present you with a couple of simple Exercises and some things that you must do to condition your healthy detox lifestyle. These are temporary measures and once you have zeroed in on that deep, reliable presence, within a couple week, you wont need to work any more at getting better. You will jump on all what life as to offer.

Read more about this miracle treatment below. But right now, I want to tell you a little about myself and how this shocking discovery came about.

In September 2004 I was cheering my way through life.
I was going to a work I liked and go home to my girl. I didn't really have health problems, I was bragging I didn't catch a flu for 8 years.

Not The Looser Type

I was definitely not the "looser" type as you can see from my picture above. I was not particularly fragile, in fact I was quite strong.

I didn't see myself as strong, but I knew how to call a spade a spade and life in america was pretty opportunistic.

It never occurred to me in a million Sundays, that I would transform myself that year, into something totally different.

A completely new animal.

The events that led to my regression came down from nowhere.

Myself, one morning, refused to function and powered down. I wasn't expecting it to lift a car like a Marvel character.
But at least be able to get to my car.
But when I couldn't, I do remember feeling uncharacteristically confused about it. I was delirious with lack of information, not mad at anyone, but with my life, the way things were shaping up. The way the world was telling me that my unfolding future would pan out.

I was smart, a good man. I knew I would get a pretty good life. I wasn't worried about that.

But something inside of me just unexplainable...NO MORE

I was a 170 pound stong body with no juice to power it. NOTHING.

A man is not a robot.

A man needs more than just work and relationshops, to live a well rounded life.

A man needs to feel powerful, desired by women and respected by his peers.

Thats obvious, but it never occurred to me until that life changing day, that my body, despite my other problems, was the key to re-inventing myself.

You can dress different, you can act different, you can add some weight, so you don't look so small, you can get a new hair style, or get contact lenses but eventually, none of those things work for one single reason. ...they are superficial changes.

I remember finding myself receiving messages from my body, pain here, anger there.

I wanted to crawl under a rock. I wanted to cry. I wanted to be invisible, because I was overwhelmed with the new information. I knew within hours, it was not temporary as the doctors diagnosed me with an extremely rare disease, "non-kinesigenic paroxysmal choreoathetosis". I was trying to find a way to ignore the name so I don't look stupid. on top of having lost my body strength the same week.
I knew I was trying to keep going like nothing much happened. But my mind was preoccupied.
As these fearful thoughts bounced around in my brain there in front of the internet, I started to frown. It was unstoppable. I was puzzled, this diagnostic is pretty much saying "we the medical profession have no clue, so that name just describes the symptom", only 4 people on the planet have it....I never cried! It made me so mad. I felt even more wussy, even more mad.
Still, most of it would still be repressed really. I was just becoming the journey of a victim.
There was nobody around to help me.

The place was deserted, I just was surrounded by experts asking me how I am doing, how I am feeling. I didn't care about their questions any more,I realized they were in no case interested in healing me. I was in such misery. After 30 minutes my emotions subsided, I just sat there, looking blankly at a bunch of books sitting on the table I was seated at. I couldn't think. I was done visiting doctors and was just sitting there, the fear beginning to loom in the back of my mind again, as I realized soon, I was going to face direct ridicule and laughter at my actions that day for express my willingness of going back to work on Monday. Like I don't have a right to try!

I remember to this day, how starkly the word "in charge" echoed in my mind. Like there was something telling me "Seek help, seek help, seek help".

I was looking at these pile of scientist and it was only obvious after I saw the word "doctor" on all those doors, that my mind was giving a lot of power to them.

About 1 year later, God, that power I re-owned. "I was one more time diagnosed with something", over the phone by a psychic. "You have heavy metal poisoning", the voice said.

What does he know. He recommended I got tested for HM poisoning, I had not much to do then, my job had been terminated a few weeks after this all started. My girlfriend was now officially a friend. They injected a product in my veins. They took some of my blood. I peed in a jar for 24 hours. The post office transported my fluid to a lab. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew I had something going on, that kept me going in the last 18 months. It was one of those moments in life, that I knew...just knew, was some sort of turning point.

I was diagnosed with something tangible. High levels of heavy metals in blood and urine. Mercury and lead were the highest, I was told to focus my "detox" on those. I was like my mind was releaved by hope, a diagnostic I can work with.
I followed up with 9 months of chelation therapy at the doctor. I was retested and NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Levels of mercury and lead were the same, on top of that they found new heavy metals in my body!!!. I went home and sucked up every scrap of information I could get about mercury and lead on the internet.

I forgot about time that day. In fact I was so motivated, I read about detox and did detox. Looking for hope. Next morning I bought all those different things, did them for what I remember at least 6 months. 6-month older I still felt like crap, tired of sending hope in diverse purchases and receiving desillusions when my health didn't improve, still the same as a few years back. I started experimenting different theories. I was not desperate, I was passed that, I was... onto something. Now gang, I had about 15 theories at least, all very promising, all failed. Until one day, I felt down in the bathroom and I cried. there was a mirror behind the bathroom door and I started hearing voices. I received information from whoever was talking in my head, I applied it. I started doing them and within 2-3 weeks I had a job and a satisfying health. Next day I started implementing the informations I had received from diverse sources. I was too busy. rebuilding my life. The way it looked to me, this information was much more important than watching tv to distract myself when not feeling like doing anythhing. To tell the truth, I just cut myself a break, I just decided that I didn't want to face the snide comments and ridicule of living like a victim any more. I just didn't need it.

I was never the kind of guy that would decide to fall into victim consciousness. But when life blows, there is somewhere something that stabbed you in the back. My freaking body just got hit. That was sneaky, it came from food, from water or somewhere else in the environment. I just can't handle it. I am loosing force, power, strength, lucidity and love.

I am loosing my mind over it. That has been 2 years now I am screwing around, first with doctors, then with internet junk-information, then with my own theories.

Sometimes, no matter how committed and dutiful you are to your job or study, you just gotta say, hey, it is time for a time out.

During those days in my room, something strange happened. I went beyond hope. The hell with hope, it comes out of darkeness. I want riches, livelihood, recognition. I want to be a man again!

I found a power and mastery
nobody could steal from me.

The information from the mirror, quite although "what does it have to do with anything?" was quite a remarkable insight. But it didn't do what I hoped it would do. Give me strength, while healing. What the information did do however, was allow me to investigate my own avenues. It gave me ideas I didn't even think were possible.

I began to thank what happened to me in my prayers.

By the second week of 16 failed theories, I began to notice a distinct control over my health. I tried 17 different ideas and the one that worked was the last. I could literally "will" my health deeper after doing the detox routines I had developed there in the privacy of my own room. These exercises created an environment in my body that felt like my heart was pounding again when I stuck to them.

It felt beefed up and roaring to go. I had a command over my downtime that I had never felt before. It was a permanent change. There was now rest, not down. I was healthy like never before

I started making videos and helping others as I was getting better.

During those 2 weeks, I was actually physically "working out" my detox techniques, like a body builder works out his biceps. Well...not quite, I was working out certain areas that lengthened and strenghtened my healthy uptimes. These conditionings in my habits forced the body to relax my mind.

This is not about hard stuff! Believe me I can't stand heavy duty activities.

This is about forcing the body, by strengthening certain habits of recuperation. When these specific rituals are buffed, your body relaxes all the time because it is not working to support you.

It may sound ludicrous, but you are actually supporting your body. These are a group of knowing that many people with sickness actually rely , in part, on their expectations to hold their neck up!


That is why I was thanking my insights in my prayers....because he explained these concepts to me, that my expectations were holding me back

Once I could see this treatment working, I was exctatic!!! I did the exercises as often as I could over week.

Each day brought a new, more powerful level of health resonance and power. I remember standing in my dorm room, excercising,

Channeling energy! Channeling energy!

My heart beat like never before in my last 2-year of existence.There was a powerful back wash of vitality as I moved MY OWN body! I could feel the repercusions deep in my chest, after only a few days of doing the exercises. AMAZING!!!

Even guys with blurred mind like me, sound intelligent sometimes. Like for example in the mornings, even before I discovered this miracle treatment for high pitched voice, I could wake up half asleep and be able to think with nice clear ideas in my head. But usually by 8am or a few hours after I wake up, my now normal, foggy mind. A tight, little, slow thinking would appeear.

After I did these exercises and conditioned my routines, the foggy me went away. Completely gone. I thoughts clearly, all day long. I could stay up, clear and sound up to 10pm  . Regular days, still reverberating and resonant since rising at 7 a.m..

The first time I reached that goal, I was excstatic, I wanted to see if I could do that the next day. Almost as it turned out. Despite my assurances that I felt now fine, it took me an extra day to be able to do 2 days in the row of great time. When I finally accepted it, that processes happen graduall, I finally recognized that I made it. I healed. I just laughed it off and, as I counted my small victories, I nailed this huge victory and celebrated with friends over at home.

The next day, I was geared to go downtown. I haven't been in the big city for ages. Now...you gotta remember how I looked back then. It was only 1-week of these exercises and I was determined to not rest on my laurels. I was committed to keep going from there, keep active until I go back to an independant life, unassisted by friends or a strain on society. It was amazing if I do say so myself. I had so much energy I needed to channel it. I had nothing to do, no work, no activities, no gym membership. It was kinda ridiculous. Like a race car in a children square. It was a shock! I looked like fidgetty, even at 29, but my mind sounded like a fully ready, powerful man.

Nevertheless, this was the new me. I was not making any apologies. I spoke with my full charisma. The temp agency clerk, a newly wed blond hottie was completely disarmed after I spoke for 30 seconds. I told her I wanted a job, I ddn't care what, night, days, week-ends, I had lenty of energy to sell. It was awesome.

She sat there actually behaving subordinate to me! It was a real turn on! She shot me a question about my past experiences, the minute I answered, in a vibrant, enthusisastic, clear voice, I told her I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to do something, picker packer I said, as I read on the form I had filled out previously. She was collaborative. I looked skinny, but I sounded and stood powerful!!!

I remember she called the next days. she got myself a pickup packer job in the week-end. I went there, worked the night shift A real paradise after not working for years. The satisfaction of the first pay check, I didn't care about the amount, I cared about the activities. Anyway,

I was confident as hell!

That temp job didn't keep me full time, so I talked about looking for jobs to everyone I ran into. I applied at supermarkets, local stores. One of those little shop got back to me and hired me, within a month, I had done about 3-different jobs on and off. The 4th one came upafter the end fo the month. A solid, full-time, well paid job in an ad agency. They asked me about the "hole" in my work history. I just said I had heavy metal poisoning, I took care of it and I am now back r. Friends lectured me I shouldn't tell them, however, I was proud of my success, people had to accept me for who I was and where I had been. I was so confident in myself that no small lies could stand in my consciousness. It turned out, they hired me with the highest salary they offered for that position, a nice one.
my resonant voice traveled acoustically through the auditorium. Nobody recognized the voice and they all turned to look who it was after I finished speaking!! It was hilarious to me because of the impact I was having! There were murmurs, but no snickering!

The rest of that first day was a blur. But it was the beginning of the rest of my life. I was still a dweeby, skinny dude, but I was definitely a man again. I had lost the intimate relationship with my soulmate, I lost my job, was separated from friends.
Time, that was the killer.

OH YEAH... I don't want you to feel that pain. I know you will save yourself with time :)


Time is not fixing all things up!


I couldn't save that one
But will you save your familly? will you be there for children growing up. How do you want to be remembered? I wasn't there for my Goddaughter. I wasn't there for my girlfriend, I wasn't delivering to the friend that had hired me in the job I had. You can't fix those things, you can't make up for the time that you weren't there, the birthdays,the parties, the week-ends. You can spend more time now, but you can't make it up. Where was I? I was struggling, ultimately with myself, why some people release heavy metals before they get sick and some other linger in them? I developed book to the fullest extent so you may save the things you cherish, the things that matter to you. The amazing thing was that these exercises, these amazing treatments, not only gave me the power that even a professional "doctor" would envy, but it got rid of my "weaknesses". Look, I am now more confident than every before. More compassionate, appreciative and patient. My emotions and mind also responded to the work I did over that break. By the time I returned, early in 2007, I was a completely new type of guy.

I was one of those cool dudes. I had a new wardrobe and contacts. My shoulders were bigger, but it was my clarity and composition that really gave the impact. My frail body was now a thick strong muscle group that aesthetically looked good too!

But look, this isnt about work outs or building up your body. I did do that because I started respecting, appreciating and paying attention to my body needs and wants. I just weren't buff like I was before. I was now, a strong soul in as strong body. You may or may not have an awesome health. But if you want to score, I can guarantee you will find it in my results getting report.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Detox, Right Away!

"Heavy Metal Detox, Right Away!"©

Learn what I know. Do what I did
Get the result's that I got!

No kidding dude, people place a massive subconscious importance on how people feel. Forget conversation techniques, forget body building, forget diets man, people want power. They desire power in someone. Plain and simple. It is the Universal attractor. A powerful deep, crisp health that resonates absolutely RADIATES UNDENIABLE POWER! Even if they don't like how you look, there is some undeniable force, that draws people to a man with a healthy frame. 

In the past, I have walked into a club, whispered a few mellow words into a pretty womans ear and literally owned her within minutes. It's not about what you say, the words mean nothing, it is how you live it or more to the point..how you prepare yourself living it.

Click any of the download links, to get a powerful voice at your command, not just intermittently, this doesn't come and go. This is a permanent solution to your squeaky voice problem. Once you learn how to focus in on it, you can stop doing my treatment. The voice stays with you forever.

It's about training and keeping the
environment in your body balanced.

Heavy metals, the most damaging Mercury, Lead and Arsenic don't have hold on you any longer and will flush themselves out as you resonate freedom.

Forget the respect you command immediately from strangers and peers. Forget the trust you immediately get from people.

Living life man... Living it.

People enjoy healthy people. The key is to be consistent. To always have that health. That is what I believe I have for you here. A permanent cure for a shaky health. It is easy and simple to accomplish within a few days.

But since perfecting my mercury and lead detox system and packaging it for people to use, I have uncovered an interesting piece of affirmative programming, that really assist the process. You need clinical feedback. When you follow my treatment instructions, you may have a hard time deciphering what is going on. The healing manifestation diagrams, actually gives you that accurate and necessary feedback. It has a cool look to it and you can monitor yourself at any moment.

On its own these heavy metal detox diagrams are just a piece of the healing puzzle. But with my instructions, these templates become a valuable tool because you can monitor your levels every day as you practice my techniques and it will give you accurate phisiological psychological and emotional feedback about stress elements.

You want to avoid those stress elements like the plague.

It is these stress elements that are completely absent from my own beingness.
These diagrams I will include free,
as part of my offering here to you today.

This is a digital download. You get it right away after payment.
No waiting for the mail.

You can start putting it into practice 3 minutes from now.

I will include a free copy of Adobe acrobat which is the web standard for reading books on the web. Directly after payment, you will be redirected to my secure download area where you will get access to...

"Heavy Metal Poisoning Detox, Right Away!

No fluff! 60+ detailed pages of powerful and immediate results getting instructions. No long boring, long winded puffer, wasting your time. This is concise, direct and immediate. Read these instructions...get the results. Its that simple!


Heavy Metal Detox Healing Manifestation Diagrams
Which will allow you to technically test your daily results as your voice loosens and crispens up.

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Best Wishes


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